Durham's Queen's Delight - Royal Jelly Promises Vitality in a Bottle


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- Those interested in living a healthy lifestyle and enjoy supplementing their daily nutrition with supplements should strongly consider Royal Jelly.

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“Royal Jelly is the special food for queens in a bee hive. The complex design of vitamins, proteins and fatty acids stimulate the growth necessary for a new queen bee,” said David Thomas.

Many do not realize, but the same ingredients used to cultivate a new, strong queen bee have equally powerful healthful effects for people, and Durham’s Royal Jelly is specially prepared for just that purpose.

“Royal Jelly is largely water. If it is not quickly cooled it will lose much of its healthful benefits. Durham's Royal Jelly is freeze-dried so almost 100 percent of the water is removed. This makes the Royal Jelly shelf stable and will not require refrigeration,” Thomas continued.

Royal Jelly is made from bee pollen, but worker bees add special enzymes to the bee pollen to transform it into Royal Jelly.

“The average hive will only produce so much Royal Jelly per year. Each capsule of Royal Jelly contains 1500mg of bee pollen, so you can be sure of the healthful effects,” Thomas said.

The benefits of Royal Jelly and bee pollen are numerous. Most people cite extra energy, increased vitality and even anti-aging properties. The amino-acids and other ingredients assist in the body’s natural systems and boost healing and energy levels naturally.

“The ancients understood the power of the humble bee and its role in healing. After 2000 years, it is coming full circle. Anyone who feels tired, needs some pep in their life or just wants to feel better naturally should try this product,” Thomas added.

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David Thomas