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During the Height of Allergy Season, Tri-State Water Restoration Inc. Is Now Offering Mold Removal and Restoration


Bensalem, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2013 -- Millions of Americans suffer from allergies throughout the year. Spring often marks an aggravating time for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. There are a few culprits responsible for the heightened asthma and allergy responses during the spring. Most people place the blame on pollen and vegetation that begins to grow after the long winter. Pollen can certainly be a distressing instigator for asthma and allergies. However, spring is also accompanied by an increase in precipitation. Warmer conditions, along with more rain, lead to the growth and re-emergence of mold. Mold is often the trigger for asthma attacks and allergic responses. Now, Tri-State Water Restoration is offering customers mold removal and restoration.

Although many asthmatics and allergy sufferers should take certain precautions during spring, mold removal and restoration is often best left to professionals. Mold must be taken seriously and removal may not be adequate. Those who suffer from mold allergies can suffer from debilitating symptoms. Simply removing mold with traditional cleaners will often be a temporary solution at best. Furthermore, removal requires the person removing the mold to be subject to a certain amount of exposure. Unnecessary exposure to mold may cause an unwanted allergic response.

Most importantly, removal of mold will not resolve the problem. The source must be identified and restored to a condition that will prevent the return of mold growth. The technicians at Tri-State Water Restoration are all certified to exceed industry standards when it comes to mold removal and restoration. An all encompassing assessment of the mold problem is always performed. Furthermore, technicians will remove, dry, and wash the affected areas with microbial cleaners. This spring, call Tri-State Water Restoration for mold removal in Bucks County, PA.

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As a locally owned and operated company, Tri-State Water Restoration Inc. is proud to offer emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They provide immediate response to any location and tackle any problem or issues that need to be addressed. They are experienced in removal of mold and will remove any water or debris that is still there so no further damages are accrued. For any additional problem areas, Tri-State Water Restoration Inc. offers free estimates that homeowner’s need checked out.

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