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DustShield LLC Acquires Phoenix Kiosk


Strafford, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2013 -- DustShield LLC, a privately held e-commerce business and manufacturer of industrial computer enclosures, has announced the purchase of Tempe, Arizona-based Phoenix Kiosk, a kiosk manufacturing and marketing company specializing in retail and service kiosk solutions.

The purchase of Phoenix Kiosk positions DustShield for strategic growth in an ever-broadening marketplace of opportunities from manufacturing to the retail and service industries. "Bringing together Phoenix Kiosk's technology and marketing solutions with our long history in manufacturing will give our clients more options for their profitability and branding initiatives" said Kent Claxton, president of DustShield LLC. "In keeping our eye on the future, the trend to automate tasks and deliver advanced customer/user experiences is not slowing down. We want to accelerate the deployment of these solutions," added Bill Hammett, CFO and COO of American Products.

DustShield has plans to leverage Phoenix Kiosk's team of designers and strengths in kiosk software with American Product's manufacturing capabilities and efficiencies. Immediate results from the acquisition include reduced lead times and enhanced design capabilities for Phoenix Kiosk customers. Claxton believes these advantages will immediately benefit their customers. "Our target is to blend the companies over the next year with our focus being on our customers and a seamless transition into the new ownership," stated Claxton, "You can count on the fact that we are doing what it takes to nurture a positive and professional experience for all of our customers."

Phoenix Kiosk will continue to operate under the same name and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of DustShield LLC. "Our commitment to growth is only going to serve our customers more. I don't think customers like businesses that participate in the alternative", Claxon stated. "As I tell my employees, if it was easy, everybody would be doing it. That's why we choose growth."

Phoenix Kiosk is best known within the industry for their stand-alone kiosks and digital signage solutions. The acquisition allows Phoenix Kiosk to stay in Arizona but leverage the manufacturing ability of 140,000 square feet of sheet metal production in Strafford, Missouri. Phoenix Kiosk will also expand to outdoor environments. For more information about Phoenix Kiosk call toll-free 877.335.4675 or visit their website at http://PhoenixKiosk.com

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Founded in 1992 and acquired by American Products in 2010, DustShield manufactures protective computer and peripheral enclosures and workstations for a broad portfolio of industries and international locations, mainly serving North American companies. For more information about DustShield LLC call toll-free 800.597.9557 or visit their website at http://www.DustShield.com

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American Products, LLC. is a family of companies serving multiple industries including manufacturing, telecommunications, meat and food processing. Their ISO 9001 certified headquarters is based in Strafford, Missouri. For more information about American Products, LLC. call toll-free 855.736.2135 or visit their website at http://www.AmProd.us