Dutch Mendenhall

Dutch Mendenhall Overcomes Adversity and Debuts Amazing Financial Crash Course


Fontana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2012 -- Brandon “Dutch” Mendenhall understands that adversity can lead people down different roads than they expected in life. He understands this because his own life took turns that some people simple couldn’t have dealt with. Experiences beyond his control made him re-evaluate his situation well respected baseball coaching position and begin anew in the market of commercial real estate. In order to show potential new real estate entrepreneurs how serious he is about assisting regular people to make the transition to successful real estate seller, he’s giving away his special Keep it Simple (KiS) package absolutely free.

This KiS package is the pinnacle of Dutch’s expertise in the field of commercial real estate marketing. It’s a written, video and software package that explains the entire process Dutch perfecting while successfully navigating his short and extremely successful commercial real estate techniques. After reading the literature and watching the video explaining the process, his Deal Analyzer software will guide users through the essentials of navigating a successful commercial real estate deal.

Because of the adversity Dutch faced in his life, he feels strongly about helping new entrepreneurs make it through the difficult process of learning the commercial real estate industry. His process teaches not only how to find good real estate, but how to find prospective buyers and how to negotiate for the best possible deals. These packages are estimated at near five hundred dollars in value and are available for free while supplies last.

“I can’t wait for you to take advantage of my free KiS kit. It helps prospective real estate investors with the practical knowledge they need to be a corporate real estate success story, just like me.”-Brandon “Dutch” Mendenhall

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