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Duvet Sales Remain Buoyed by Growing Tourism and Hospitality Industry Worldwide


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2019 -- This has significantly rubbed off on the adoption of luxury beddings, thereby influencing demand for duvets as a consequence. Europe continues to spearhead the duvet market, followed by Oceania. The dominance of these regions can be backed by growing travel and tourism activities in these regions, which has spurred the adoption of luxury goods such as duvets in the hospitality sector.  These insights have been gleaned from the report titled "Global market study on Duvet: Rapid Growth of Hospitality to Orchestrate a Multitude of Opportunities," added to the comprehensive repository of the Market Research Hub (MRH). Growing travel & tourism activities have been attracting foreign-direct investments, in turn resulting in rising palpability of hospitality and service-associated activities across nations. This has further posed a positive influenced on the growth of the duvet market.  Key stakeholders in the duvet market are focusing on capacity expansions as a key growth strategy, particular to increase their presence in untapped markets while sustaining their position in developed markets. These players are also emphasizing the uptake of polyester and cotton duvets that have been on a high demand among residential as well as commercial customers. Leading players in the duvet market are focusing on expansion of their regional footprint in East Asia and North America, in light of the robust tourism, travel and hospitality sectors in these regions.

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Duvet Market: Report Contents

The report offers holistic study of duvet market during 2019 and 2027, with 2018 taken as base year for further estimation. Every significant trend & technology impacting growth of duvet market has been analyzed. A segmental analysis on duvet market is delivered to offer readers with a perspective of historical & future prospects of duvet landscape.

A comprehensive view of growth of duvet market, based on volume & revenue is offered across regions, including Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East & Africa, and North America. Key trends impacting the market at global & regional level have been offered. A country-level forecast is also delivered for all regions considered and assessed in the research study.

This report scrutinizes competitive landscape of duvet market, where key players undergirding growth have been identified as well as profiled. Profiling on duvet market players involves a SWOT analysis, in combination with the assessment of key financials, company portfolio as well as recent developments.

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Duvet Market: Research Methodology

This report is compiled with the aid of a holistic and robust methodology, which involves a comprehensive secondary as well as primary research. Secondary research sources involve external as well as internal proprietary databases, financial reports, investor presentations, regulatory databases, and national government documents.

Primary research involves comprehensive email interactions, face-to-face interviews, and telephonic interviews with industry experts as well as opinion leaders. Intelligence and insights amassed through this research methodology further undergo validation by our in-house expert panel, which helps in providing the readers with an authentic intelligence on duvet market to make factual decisions for their businesses.