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Dwayne Perkins with Crowdfunding from Indiegogo Sells Debut Comedy Special to Netflix


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2016 -- Renowned comedian, writer, and actor Dwayne Perkins has sold a self-produced comedy special entitled "Take Note" to Netflix. Netflix, the entertainment streaming service giant, released it at the beginning of July on its new release line up, and it is already garnering critical praise from fans and new comedy audiences alike.

"It's a win for comedy and DIY projects everywhere," said Perkins. "From the beginning of the project, Netflix is where I wanted the special to live. I feel like we hit the bullseye with the comedy, look and home of my comedy special."

"Take Note" is Dwayne Perkins' debut 1 hour special and is being lauded for being prophetic as the internet is buzzing over Dwayne, in a bit, predicting that video games would send kids outside at least 15 months before the release of Pokémon Go.

A labor of inner creative vision for the L.A. based comedian, the deal was brokered by Comedy Dynamics, a division of New Wave. This purchase by Netflix showcases the Brooklyn born veteran comedian's latest standup work that has been highly anticipated and lauded for its fresh take. Brian Volk-Weiss from New Wave said on behalf of the company, "We're proud, very proud, to be in business with Dwayne!"

With crowd funding assistance from Indiegogo, and filmed at the Japanese American museum in Little Tokyo, the unique setting and quality production only accentuates the latest material from the former [Jay] Leno correspondent, regular on Conan and Rolling Stones Top 5 to Watch.

The project was directed by fellow comedian Ian Harris whose unique experience as both a director and standup comic made him an adroit choice. "… I love the art of stand up and feel I can give to the special the attention and the detail I would want in my own special," said Harris.




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