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DWI Attorney New Jersey-Based Tom Chaves Has Great News for NJ Drivers


Somerville, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- Every day, thousands of malfunctioning traffic cameras take inaccurate photos. Motorists, none the wiser, are forced to pay hundreds of dollars in fines that they could have otherwise avoided.

Experienced DWI attorney New Jersey-based Tom Chaves is spreading the word that faulty cameras in New Jersey are giving motorists a break. An Appellate New Jersey court has issued a ruling suspending adjudication of tickets issued as a result of video camera surveillance.

Chaves explains that “…some of the cameras did not meet the technical requirements needed to convict people who violate traffic rules.”

However, Chaves also explained that the temporary ruling does not mean that the cameras will not be fixed in the future. He urges any motorists that may have been wrongly ticketed to contact his law office for help.

This experienced attorney encourages the public to take care of any wrongful convictions as a criminal record can hinder their futures, especially with employers.

Chaves also specializes in personal injury and criminal defense. With over 25 years of experience, the New Jersey lawyer takes care of personal injury cases pertaining to construction sites, medical malpractice, motor vehicles, and slip and fall accidents. When it comes to criminal defense, Chaves is an expert in wrongful arrest and civil rights violations, assault charges, drug charges, and DWI/DUI charges.

With all cases, Chaves is up front and honest, listening to questions and concerns and providing useful advice. The personal injury attorney New Jersey handles cases from beginning to end, involving his clients in all matters. He can easily be reached by phone or email, and offers free consultations at a client’s convenience—including evenings and Saturdays.

Most importantly, the New Jersey injury attorney promises that if clients are not compensated for the incident, they do not pay any fees.

Clients represented by Tom Chaves have been confident that they will win their cases.

“Tom has a particular intellect and perception of any case which he is called upon to handle. In that regard, he is able to perceive potential issues [that will eventually] manifest themselves in either the course of an investigation or actual trial. It goes without saying that such an ability is of high value within the trial attorney profession,” wrote John H. Stamler, the late prosecutor of Union County, in a wonderful review.

About Tom Chaves Law
Since 1984, Thomas J. Chaves has been a successful litigator and trial attorney in New Jersey and New York, representing clients and securing over $2,000,000 in settlements and verdicts. He received his law degree from Columbia University and graduated with honors from Amherst College. Mr. Chaves is also a member of the Somerset Bar County Association and Hispanic Bar Association of America. For more information, please visit http://tomchaveslaw.com