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Dy-Mark Continue to Innovate in the Specialised Marking Paints and Coatings Market


Sydney, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- Paints have been used for decoration and protection since the dawn of mankind, and with the dawn of the industrial age, industrial paints have been used in forestry, agriculture, manufacture, defence, transport and many more. Paints are a company that for more than fifty years has manufactured and distributed industrial and commercial paints throughout Australia, and has maintained its leading edge on the market throughout.

Whether for flooring, enamelling or marking, the Dy-Mark website offers easy access to all the materials and colours available in their range. As a manufacturer and distributor of paints, buying direct from them will afford customers significant savings by cutting out the middle men.

One of their newest creations is a range of paint markers, developed to prevent industry from having to use inaccurate spray cans to mark and write as they had been doing prior to the creation of the marker. Inside the marker is the same high quality paint, with a delivery mechanism that allows it to be used on almost any surface with the same effect and resilience, while increasing control, accuracy and clarity.

Dy-Mark provide a wide range of Aerosol Paints, which they have been developing since 1975, and in 2001 were confirmed as one of the nation’s biggest providers of aerosol paints for industrial marking. In 2011, they released a new range of Revolution aerosols, which looks set to live up to its name in both performance and popularity in both the industrial and commercial marketplaces.

A spokesperson for the company explained their ever diversifying range of paints, “We’ve been in this industry a long time, and the tendency for these companies is that they get stuck in their ways and eventually decline from relevance because they can’t keep up with the innovations coming from smaller companies with more to prove. In our case, we’re actually leading the innovation curve for paint products not just in Australia but internationally. There are very few companies that have lasted as long as we have, and that’s because we regularly look into reinventing the wheels that have carried us this far.”

About Dy-Mark
For over 50 years Dy-Mark has continued to be a leading force in the innovative manufacture and distribution of top quality specialised marking paints and coatings. Their rigorous product development and testing programmes have grown our product ranges extensively and consistently. For more information, please visit: