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Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance Reveal New Reasons for Aerating


Bensalem, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- Homeowners tend to the exterior of the home the second the weather gets warm, whether it is planting new flowers in the landscaping or fertilizing the lawn. However, the lawn doesn’t seem to be responding to the fertilization treatments like it use to. The green turf does not seem to have the luster and vibrancy as it once had. With that being said, the professionals from Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance would like to reveal new reasons for why aerating the lawn is important.

The landscape contractors of Bucks County suggest aerating the lawn in order to prevent thatch build up. If not properly tended, both the living and dead stems become intermingled all occurring right below the surface resulting in a brown brittle lawn. Although it is normal for yards and lawns to have this happen, it can easily be prevented. By using an aerator device, the landscapers from Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance have seen vast improvements after removing small bits of the soil from the lawn. This creates airways for the fertilizer to seep in and become more effective as it makes its way down towards the roots.

The landscapers suggest that homeowners repeat this process every year to two years for the most beneficial results and a beautiful lawn for the summer. Now is the perfect time to aerate the lawn right before the summer season is in full swing. The plugs and soil that have been extracted from the device will act as a natural fertilizer as it breaks down. So, for those who have been struggling to get their dream, golf course looking lawn even after fertilization, consider taking the advice from the professionals at Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance and aerate the lawn this year.

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