Dyson DC41 Review - Why It's the Best Pet Vacuum


Winston Salem, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2013 -- For those with indoor pets, particularly cats and dogs, cleaning up after them can be quite a chore. Especially when it comes to removing the pet hair that accumulates in the carpet and furniture. Most vacuum cleaners lack the power or versatility to effectively clean up pet hair, until now.

The Dyson DC41 is not only one of the highest rated vacuum cleaners on the market. It is also the best vacuum for picking up pet hair. In fact, the Dyson DC41 was specifically designed to be the best pet vacuum ever made. And from the reviews, this vacuum cleaner has succeeded admirably.

Many people are probably familiar with the Dyson line of vacuum cleaners. The unique characteristics including the one of a kind ball maneuvering system and widespread commercials that have reached tens of millions of people have made this line of vacuum cleaners very well known. But what makes the Dyson DC41 the best at cleaning up pet hair? The answer lies in the construction of the vacuum itself.

Powerful Suction

The unique, powerful suction system of the Dyson DC41 is reflective of the entire Dyson line. Instead of traditional brushes where pet hair can get entangled and hurt the performance of the vacuum. The Dyson line instead uses pure suction that eschews traditional rotating brush heads.

This means that instead of pet hair getting stuck on the brush and even being places back in the carpet or floor, it gets sucked up into the vacuum device itself more readily. There are far fewer pet hairs to be found after the Dyson DC41 has run across the floor.

Precisely Designed Long Hoses

The hose attachments for the Dyson DC41 are long, thin and very easy to maneuver into the deep places of sofas and recliners so that all the pet hair can be removed. While thin and versatile, the hose attachments are also quite durable and long lasting. This means that the hose attachment system for the Dyson DC41 will last for years on end insuring that pet hair is swept away from the corners of rooms, under furniture and dug into upholstery.

Greater Maneuverability

The sleek design features the notable Dyson ball maneuvering system which allow the vacuum to reach places on the floor that traditional vacuum cleaner could never go. This means that pet hair that gathers in the corner of rooms and along baseboards can be swept away easily and quickly.

Certified as Asthma and Allergy Friendly by Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America

This means that the Dyson DC41 is the perfect vacuum cleaner for those that suffer from pet allergies. The unique construction of this vacuum does away with dusty bags and is highly effective at capturing allergines.

This means that for those who suffer from pet hair allergies, the Dyson DC41 can help end their suffering. From the solid, unique features to the high quality attachments and powerful, clean suction, this is the vacuum for those who want to fully clean up pet hair from their homes.

Adding to the value, the Dyson DC41 price is quite attractive as well. The days when pet hair stayed tangled in carpets or gathered on furniture is over thanks to the Dyson DC41.

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