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DZS Software Solutions, Inc. Releases ClinPlus Data Management 3.4

Clinical Software Solutions Organization Announces the Release of Version 3.4 of their ClinPlus Clinical Data Management System


West Bound Brook, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2013 -- Bound Brook, NJ – DZS Software Solutions (DZS), a provider of software products that support several aspects in the performance of clinical trials, today announced the official release of ClinPlus Data Management Version 3.4. This release builds on an already robust and flexible system with over 30 specific enhancements that are a direct result of user input.

Some of the most significant enhancements include:

- A Dashboard Module. The addition of the Dashboard module that displays Casebook Tracking, Clinical Data and Queries of all patients in a study. A tree view displays all casebooks with visual cues for page status, record existence, and query status. A list of key metrics is also displayed and used to drill into study information. Links to records, queries, audit trails, etc. within a click or two.

- Query Management Facelift. This includes relocated query selection functions to a single button, allowing resolving multiple queries at once with a comment only, displaying long text fields in a word-wrapped text pad (question, prompt, resolution), altering the contents and order of data being displayed, improved workflow control via the addition of Restrictions and Reversion control in query Levels and significantly improved overall performance of all query tasks.

- Quick Query Viewer. A new feature available on data entry screens allowing users with or without Query Management access to view queries

- Export to CSV. All clinical and system data may be saved to .CSV files (Excel compatible) from the Data Listings module.

In addition to the functional enhancements, many support issues have been addressed to ensure the continued reliability of the ClinPlus Data Management system.

The ClinPlus Data Management system has supported hundreds of organizations perform thousands of clinical trials for more than 20 years. This new release represents the next step in the continued evolution of a clinical data management system used for both paper-based trials and EDC. The keys to this systems continued success and client satisfaction are quick study setup easily accomplished by Data Managers, flexibility to adapt to any trial design, reliability and low total cost of ownership.

This upgrade is now available, at no additional cost, to all ClinPlus Data Management clients including expert support to guide them through the upgrade process. DZS will always continue to support earlier versions of their software to those clients who choose not to upgrade right away.

About DZS Software Solutions, Inc.
DZS Software Solutions, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1996 providing clinical trials software for clinical data management and analysis to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Over 60 clients globally presently use ClinPlus® software for data collection and capture, data cleansing, coding, analysis, clinical trial management and reporting. When the software is coupled with DZS services and training, many ClinPlus clients have dramatically improved productivity and maximized the value of clinical research investments and gained a competitive advantage to get medicines and products to market faster.

The ClinPlus® Software Solutions Suite for Clinical Trials provides premium tools required by pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs), biotechs, and medical device manufacturers to expedite clinical trials and meet the strict data formatting requirements of the FDA and other global regulatory agencies.

The ClinPlus® Software Solutions Suite’s unmatched cost-of-entry, scalability, flexible delivery options and exceptional training and support have gained DZS a reputation for delivering exacting quality and helping clients achieve early visibility to reliable clinical data. DZS software engineers possess decades of statistical analysis, clinical data management, clinical project management, and ADE/Drug coding and table/list/report building experience. This real-world experience is incorporated into every ClinPlus® system design and is evident in the reliability and enhanced features found in every system!

DZS Software Solutions conducts all design, development and validation work in their corporate offices the USA. For more detail please visit,