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E-CIG HUB Announces New 10% off VAPESTICK Coupon


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- A 10% off VAPESTICK discount code is being offered on all Vapestick starter kits. The Vapestick is an electronic cigarette that is designed to look and handle like a traditional tobacco cigarette. However, Vapestick electronic cigarettes are reusable and offer many advantages over their tobacco counterparts.

The VAPESTICK e-cig uses a cartridge that contains nicotine and flavor liquid in place of tobacco. When the smoker draws in on the Vapestick product, the heating element inside turns the flavor liquid into water vapor which is then pulled into the lungs. Because there are none of the carcinogens associated with tobacco products, the Vapestick is a great alternative to the old fashioned cigarettes.

The Vapestick Classic Starter Kits consists of the following elements;

- Two Batteries
- Two Atomizers
- Ten Cartridges
- Charging Unit & Instructions

Each Vapestick is essentially three separate sections, the cartridge, atomizer and battery that when put together form a device that has the look, size and shape of a tobacco cigarette. Each Vapestick e-cig can last for up to 7 hours of use on a single battery charge. This means that the Vapestick is far less expensive to use than traditional tobacco cigarettes. The purpose of the Vapestick is to allow a smoker to kick the habit by gradually dialing down the amount of nicotine present until they no longer feel the urge to smoke or to provide a cheaper alternative to smoking.

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Elizabeth Morgan
London, United Kingdom