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E-CIG HUB Announces New Vapestick Electronic Cigarette Review


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- A new review has been published on the Vapestick electronic cigarette. This review covers the performance of the e-cig, what’s included in the starter kit, the flavors available, the cost and the extras that are included as well. Vapestick is one of the more popular e-cigs on the market today and provides a wide variety of flavors as well.

The Vapestick is an electronic cigarette that is designed to look like a traditional tobacco cigarette except it does not contain any tobacco products. Instead, the nicotine is suspended inside a flavor liquid that is heated and turned into water vapor when the smoker draws in on the e-cig . The water vapor is pulled into the lungs and then released, therefore it is allowed to use in public areas.

There are several Vapestick electronic cigarette starter kits available, one of the more popular is the Next Generation XL starter kit which consists of a charging case, two batteries with blue LED tips, two USB charging cables and five cartomizers with assorted flavors. The review of this product covers the variety of flavors, the premium charge case or PCC which is associated with some of the starting kits and the overall performance of this device. Those reading the review will also discover the positives and negatives of this product so that they can make the most informed decision about purchasing the Vapestick.

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Elizabeth Morgan
London, United Kingdom