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Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- EverSmoke has quickly become known as one of the leading and most reputable manufacturers of electronic cigarettes. Since the cigarettes were first launched onto the market, they have produced dozens of different flavors that are perfect for any smoker who wants something different. However, the main benefit of EverSmoke electronic cigarettes is their battery life, and quality of build. The battery life of EverSmoke e-cigs as discussed in E-Cig Insider’s Ever Smoke Review are much longer than most other e-cigs, and this has been proven through several studies that have been conducted. In addition to a great battery life, EverSmoke cigarettes are fantastic for those who want to give up their smoking habit once and for all. Thus far, it’s believed that EverSmoke e-cigs have helped thousands of smokers to quit their habit once and for all.

E-Cig Insider are pleased to announce that they are currently offering readers an exclusive 25% Ever Smoke Coupon on all purchases of EverSmoke cigarettes. The 25% discount applies across the whole site, and can be used to purchase electronic cigarettes, cartridges or just about anything else. Because consumers are now able to take advantage of the exclusive 25% discount code, EverSmoke electronic cigarettes have now become some of the most affordable and cost-effective smoking solutions available on the market.

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