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E-CIG READY Announces 10% off South Beach Smoke Coupons


Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- There is now 10% off South Beach Smoke coupons being offered for Starter Kits through E-CIG READY. South Beach is widely regarded as one of the better e-cigs on the market today. By providing plenty of flavor choices in a high quality product, South Beach looks to establish themselves as one of the premiere electronic cigarette brands on the market today.

The South Beach e-cig Starter Kits come with 5 cartomizers and a USB charger which allows for a full day of smoking or “vaping” without having to recharge the smaller batteries that come with the kit. Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, the e-cig consists of a cartomizer that holds the nicotine suspended in a liquid flavor package. The South Beach cartomizer look very much like a tobacco cigarette even down to the small rings that distinguish a tobacco product. When the smoker “draws in” on the cartomizer, the flavor liquid heats up and turns into water vapor which then enters the lungs.

Unlike tobacco products, the South Beach electronic cigarettes have no carcinogens. Furthermore, the levels of nicotine can be reduced over time so that a smoker can eventually kick the habit. However, one of the advantages of the South Beach e-cigs is that they are reusable and costs less per pack than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

For more information on the 10% off South Beach Smoke coupon code , visit E-CIG READY for more details.

Jennifer Laughlin
Hollywood, CA