E-CIG Ready Announces 15% off White Cloud Coupon


Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- A new 15% off White Cloud coupon is now being offered from E-CIG Ready. White Cloud offers a line of electronic cigarettes that are designed to provide the same smoking pleasure as tobacco without the dangerous carcinogens. Today, customers can get a 15% discount on White Cloud starter kits.

White Cloud E-Cig is one of the more prominent names in electronic cigarettes. The product produced by White Cloud resembles a traditional tobacco cigarette, but is instead an electronic product that places the nicotine inside a flavor package. This package is contained in a cartomizer which heats up when the smoker draws in on the end. The heat transforms the liquid into water vapor which is then drawn into the lungs. There are no carcinogens present which makes White Cloud a great option to use in public.

The White Cloud Starter Kits generally include a recharger, cartomizers and batteries along with a range of flavor choices. The White Cloud electronic cigarette is lightweight, easy to handle and are primarily used by smokers to either quit the habit or find a less expensive and healthier option to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. The White Cloud e-cigs are noted for their long battery life, excellent selection of flavors and long lasting cartridges or cartomizers that help reduce the overall cost of the product compared to their tobacco alternatives.

For more information about the 15% off White Cloud cigarettes coupon which can be used on purchases of the White Cloud Starter Kits, please visit E-CIG Ready.

Jennifer Laughlin
Hollywood, CA