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E-CIG READY Announces New 20% off Apollo Coupon Code


Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- A 20% off Apollo coupon code is being offered through E-CIG Ready by using: BESTECIG during checkout. This 20% discount allows customers to purchase a starter kit for these electronic cigarettes at a substantial savings. Apollo is one of the more popular e-cig brands currently being sold.

The Apollo ecig is fashioned in the shape of a traditional tobacco cigarette, but it does not contain tobacco or the carcinogens associated with that product. Instead, the Apollo electronic cigarette is a device that suspends its nicotine inside a flavor liquid that is heated and turned into water vapor that is then drawn into the lungs, just like when a smoker pulls in on a standard cigarette. Because there are no carcinogens present, Apollo e cigs are allowed to be used in public places.

The standard Apollo starter kit consists of 2 Lithium Ion batteries, a wall charger, five cartomizers, a USB charger and a portable charging case or PCC. The PCC looks remarkably similar to a typical tobacco cigarette pack. There are a number of flavors available for the Apollo electronic cigarettes as well that range from traditional tobacco to banana cream, almond joyee, razzle, chocolate and more. The sheer number of flavors and the unique PCC is what helps set the Apollo e-cigs apart from many other electronic cigarette brands. The nicotine levels can also be adjusted so that if a person wanted to quick smoking, they could simple dial down the amount of nicotine until the no longer felt the urge to smoke.

For more information on the 20% off Apollo E-Cigs coupon code visit E-CIG Ready.

Jennifer Laughlin
Hollywood, CA