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Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- Electronic or E-cigarettes have lately acquired a real surge of popularity. Many users of this devices deem it as a great and less harmful alternative to conventional smoking. This feature of e-cigarettes has encouraged a lot of smokers of traditional cigarettes to make the switch to this safer option and it seem e-cigarettes are now the front runners in the race of smoking alternatives. By understanding the mechanism at play of these e-cigarettes, it is easier to understand why countless smokers have made the switch. Liquid nicotine which is an extract of tobacco is heated inside the electronic cigarettes and the smoker smokes the vapor of this liquid nicotine. This delivers the same strong flavor without the odor. This process eliminates the tobacco smoke which is harmful for not only for the person who is smoking the cigarette but also the people around the smoker. The increase of popularity of e-cigarettes has driven many different to brands of e-cigarettes to surface. Some are better than other but all have their pros and cons. It is wise to do a little research before investing in a new Electronic Cigarette. #1 E Cig Reviews is a website dedicated to provide readers with high quality, reliable electronic cigarette reviews of popular e-cigarette brands available in the market right now.

The review team of #1 E Cig Reviews is made up of real people, who have been smoking for several years and have successfully switched to e-cigarettes for few years, other users of eCigs also submit their reviews on the website. This ensures that all the reviews on this website are done by real people who really know what their likes and dislikes are in terms of smoking and choosing an e-cigarette. The ECiG brand list contains reviews of 10 popular brands including Apollo eCigs, EverSmoke eCigs, Green Smoke eCigs and many others. Electronic Cigarettes is a confusing market and there are a ton of choices and brands. The. #1 E Cig Reviews aims ito become the number one destination for electronic cigarette reviews by offering the best e cig information. Furthermore this website is also a great resource for people who are searching for offers, deals and ecig coupons, as they are able to bring attractive offers from the top e-cigarette brands out there. They also offer some great starter kits from top brands and the #1 E Cig reviewers spend a great amount of time dissecting each brand to bring the best and most reliable reviews anywhere on the internet.

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