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E-Cigarette Review Site Announces Largest Free Giveaway of V2 Cigs Prizes, Ending August 31st, 2012


Miami Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2012 -- The V2 Cigs free giveaway offer was motivated by recent breakthroughs in the V2 Cigs product line that lead the decision to rate the brand #1 on the review site and name it their top recommended e-cig for new e-cigarette users. V2 Cigs recently introduced a streamlined web interface allowing ease order customization, announced a deal with UPS to increase shipping times, and launched an improved product line including a broader range of e cigarette starter kits, including the V2 Express Kit which is a very affordable entry level kit allowing smokers to try e cigarettes without committing the usually large price tag to get started or settling for a poorer performing disposable e-cigarette. The express kit costs only $25 but can be purchased for 20% less with the time limited v2 cigs coupon code available on the site.

Anyone wishing to enter the giveaway can fill out a quick form on the New Electronic Cigarette Review website V2 Cigs Review feature page by August 31st, 2012. 10 winners will be announced on the website Sept. 1, 2012. Along with the newly updated V2 Cigs Review and the electronic cigarette giveaway the site has arranged a limited time exclusive V2 Cigs Coupon for 20% off all purchases from V2 Cigs official website.

"Over 4 years ago I discovered e cigarettes and finally gave up a 10-year tobacco habit," states James Oliver, founder of NewElectronicCigaretteReview.com. "The Products were not as sophisticated then but they showed extraordinary potential. I have been fascinated with the burgeoning industry that has emerged in the years since then, and V2 Cigs products illustrate just how far things have come."

Accurate and useful information about E Cigs is frequently difficult to find. Instead of spending hours searching multiple websites to locate accurate and trustworthy information, New Electronic Cigarette Review acts as the definitive source for E Cig brand reviews, consumer reports, expert opinions, and user testimonials, all managed and maintained by Oliver and several other e-cigarette experts who run the site. This type of in-depth information and feedback helps newer smokers decide upon the most appropriate brand and model of e cigarette depending upon their unique needs, smoking habits, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

For additional reviews of E Cigarettes, visit http://newelectroniccigarettereview.com/v2-cigs-review . Here customers will also find V2 Cigarette Giveaways and exclusive coupons worth 20% off their next purchase.

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