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E Cigarette Review Website Announces the Best E Cigarette Brand in the UK


England, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- A website recently announced the best e cigarette brands in the UK. With more people embracing the new ecig and shifting from traditional cigarettes, it is important for people do know which brand to trust. The market is already loaded with hundreds of ecigs brands making it difficult for smokers to take their pick. According to sources, the ecig industry is said to bring $1.7 billion revenue every year which indicates huge presence of ecig brands and users.

According to the e cigarette review, Volcano’s Lavatube 2.5 was rated as the best ecig in the UK for the year 2014. Initially, Volcano provided ecig in the USA market but now it has opened an online store for its UK customers and delivers worldwide too. Providing customer satisfaction in all aspects such as cost and quality, the brand is said to have achieved a lot of success in the past few years. Again, Volcano’s Inferno was rated the second best ecig based on customer’s choice. With a 4.5 star, it is one of the favorites for UK ecig users. Other top brands listed by the website include Green Smoke, Intellcig XL, E-Lites, and V2 Cigs.

Ecig, which have been gaining popularity for the past 5 years is said to be free from chemicals that causes cancer and does not produce smoke. It is considered to be a healthier option for chain smokers since it contains no or very less nicotine. Ecig users reported that electronic cigarettes give the feel of a real cigarette minus the health dangers associated with it.

Vaping can be quiet confusing for new users as it has different types of flavors, strength, cartridge, and accessory. Interested buyers can check the website for brand and product reviews before buying ecigs. The website is said to provide accurate and detailed reviews in order to provide the best vaping experience to customers. For more information please go to

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