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The website provides the most comprehensive and genuine reviews about the top electronic cigarette brands and rates them for the visitors post considering suggestions and recommendations from an expert panel of smoking enthusiasts, therapists as well as recent converts to e-smoke.


California, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2011 -- Electronic cigarettes have witnesses a tremendous increase in sales in the recent years. The number of manufacturers offering e cigarettes under different brand names has also grown in proportion simultaneously. Consequently, it has become tough for an average smoker to choose the best suited electric cigarette brand to his/her tastes and means.

There are so many brands offering so many products, accompanied with an equal number of claims of how their products are the best. But these claims cannot be blindly relied upon and there has always been a need for seeking appropriate advice on making e cig purchases.

A website has been particularly noted to provide constructive help to e-smokers on this front. It is witnessed that this particular site is being looked upon by smokers for all advice on e-smoke purchases and other queries for the quality of advice that it offers.

Wheretheressmoke.net is particularly famous for the quality of e cig reviews that it provides to the visitors. There are no charges to access the reviews and the advice offered has proved 100% helpful to all those who have appropriated it so far.

The success of the website can be attributed to the extremely methodical process that it follows to reach out to the true worth of different electric cigarette brands. The site owners claim that at wheretheressmoke.net, “care is taken to ensure that each electronic cigarette brand is studied carefully and all relevant information pertaining to the ingredients, the product, the manufacturing procedure, the distribution procedure, the hygiene, the cost effectiveness as well as the consumer feedbacks are taken into consideration before compiling the final review.”

Also, their approach is innovatively “consumer centric”, which means that they attach more importance to passing on the benefits to the visitors to the site, rather than filling their own pockets.

The website especially scores over all other competitive sites in the niche for the facility to consult the in-house de-addiction expert that it provides to all its visitors.

Also, the creators have kept in mind the financial aspect of the prospect of shifting to e-smoke and has equipped their site with a unique ‘savings calculator’ to help the visitors decide in favor of or against the transition to e-smoke for themselves and determine its impacts on their pockets. So, the end result is that the visitors get the best and the most authentic advice from this source.
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