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E Cigarette Reviews Publishes New Comprehensive Comparison Guide to the Top Brands of 2014 has created a new comparison review of all the products released in 2014, and has announced their top picks for consumers choosing e cigarettes this year.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2014 -- E cigarettes use a vaporizer to create water vapor laced with nicotine and flavoring, which simulates the experience of smoking with a high degree of accuracy while at the same time enabling smokers to circumvent the public smoking ban, allowing them to use their e-cigarettes indoors, on public transport and more. Finding the right brand of e-cigarette in a crowded market can be difficult, but exists to help people make sense of the best brands available. They have recently published a new guide to the top brands for 2014.

The top brands of electronic cigarettes guide includes the four best brands currently on the market, with three of them coming in a combined second place. They are praised for their wide selection of vaporizers and e-liquids, as well as for their global popularity and high quality manufacturing standards, all are recommended.

The winner however is V2 Cigs, which won out both in their own independent reviews and in their consumer feedback reviews for 2014. They also have the highest rating on Alexa, and managed to win over an entire panel of ex-tobacco smokers for their authenticity of experience. The latest releases in 2014 have topped the list again, as they have done since 2010.

A spokesperson for E Cigarette Reviews explained, “Electronic cigarettes are gaining in popularity every year, and year on year V2 Cigs has maintained their standard of excellence, pushing forward the technology and creating a powerful product that delivers and authentic experience. Their product has impressed our panel, our reviewers, and genuine users to deliver the best aggregated mark out of any of our top four. What is surprising is that three brands came together to take the number two spot, which demonstrates just how fast and how well the technology is developing. It will be interesting to see what happens next year, as these competing brands are closing ground.”

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