E-Cigarettes- ABetter and Healthier Alternative to Traditional Cigarettes

The recent review states that E-cigarettes stands as the best substitute for traditional cigarettes, mainly for health reasons.


Des Plaines, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2013 -- The world’s most popular search engine are getting numerous search request from the people all around the world to know more about E-cigarettes, their popular brands and flavors available. As it is a far better option than traditional smoking as well as environment friendly. Many new companies are entering in thee-cigarettes business. Many V2 cigs electronic cigarette review websites are there which are providing the most recent information about e-cigarettes.

These cigarettes are regarded as healthy one as it does not contain any tobacco or discrete smoke, they consist of refill containing Vape liquid that give the similar aura of tobacco cigarettes. They are the best substitute of the traditional ones also they do not produce any tar. So it will not affect the lungs of a smoker or the person sitting nearby.

In the most recent report of center of Disease Control, about 6% of the adults had tried e-cigarettes and this number is getting double every year. Due to popularity of e-cigarettes, their sales have increased to 4 million in the year 2012. In the USA every one of the five traditional smokers have tried e-cigarettes whereas in the UK, 12% of them are traditional smokers and 25% are those folks who quit smoking and nearly 1% of nonsmokershad used them. Even it is getting popular among high school students nearly among 7th to 12th grade.

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