E Cigarettes Curb Nicotine Addictions Without Any Harmful Effects


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2013 -- Nicocure are a brand of E cigarette or electronic cigarettes which claim to be a healthier version of cigarettes for smokers. They resemble real cigarettes in size, shape and appearance but an inside peek shows the mechanism is far different from a rolled up stick of tobacco.

Every smoker who has tried to quit smoking knows how hard it is. What would people do if they knew that smoking could still be possible without the harmful effects of causing lung cancer and asthma? Introducing the idea of a 'healthier' alternative to cigarettes, Ecigerattes have been the talk of the nicotine-addicted crowds since they first hit the market back in 2007.

Nicocure Ecigs starter kit includes 5 cartomizers which are tobacco flavored, a rechargeable lithium battery and USB charger, a storage case, wall charger and comes with a lifetime warranty. The mechanism of the Ecigarette involves a small storage of nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol. An inhaler is fixed to the atomizer chamber which is connected to a heater and battery. A small LED light is fixed at the end of the cartomizer.

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When the smoker takes a drag from the inhaler, the LED light at the back is turned on which indicates the battery to heat up the liquid nicotine and it is vaporized and passed through into the inhaler. The smoker puffs out vapor which is harmless and has no bad effects to the smoker as well as those in his or her immediate surroundings. The main difference between E cigarettes and regular cigarettes is that, because there is no tobacco in the E cigarette, the harmful effects are removed from smoking.

The benefits of smoking E cigarettes is that there is no falling ash, it saves a lot of money, the harmful effects of tobacco are avoided while smokers can still enjoy their addiction of nicotine. Bad breath, yellow teeth and morning cough are removed all thanks to the innovative E cigarettes.

Although tests have shown immense success of electronic cigarettes, they have generated mixed opinion and reviews from people. Since they do not contain any traces of tobacco, US FDA authorities cannot treat or evaluate electronic cigarettes in accordance to standing laws for tobacco-based cigarettes. Australian health authorities have reluctantly agreed that E cigarettes are helping people to switch to a healthier option for smoking but unlike their British counterparts, have not accepted the product as a means to educate people of the hazards of smoking tobacco-based cigarettes.

About Nicocure
Nicocure is the company that is known for producing the quality and healthier e-cigarettes that provide the full effect of smoking and nicotine without the negative aspects of traditional cigarettes.

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