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E-Cigarettes Recommended for Smoking Cessation

Reputed psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow, recommends e-cigarettes as an alternative to regular cigarettes for smoking addicts.


Del Mar, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- Dr. Keith Ablow, reputed psychiatrist and member of medical team of Fox News, has voiced his appreciation for e-cigarettes as an option to help smokers abstain from smoking. He wrote on the website of Fox News about his experiences with e-cigarettes. A news article was published in the Smoking Section ( regarding Dr. Keith Ablow’s views on the same.

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Ablow said that he recommended e-cigarettes to patients who have been unsuccessful in their attempts to quit smoking and calls forth to other doctors to do the same. He believes that e-cigarettes are a good way to help people cease the habit of smoking as they are good substitutes for tobacco and people don’t become addicted to them.

The article on Smoking Section quotes, “While they (e-cigarettes) do simulate the act of smoking, they don’t do so in a perfect way, meaning they’re a good substitute for tobacco cigarettes but not ‘good’ enough to become just another addiction.”

Ablow agreed that the controversy about e-cigarettes exists since they contain harmful substances like nicotine. However, he claims that the e-cigarette makers insist on the negligible risk e-cigarettes offers due to the small quantities of these harmful substances in them. He also affirmed the unproved ‘fact’ that e-cigarettes are far safer than conventional cigarettes.

The article also states that Ablow has called for large-scale clinical trials of e-cigarettes. The doctor has apparently advised insurance companies to offer e-cigarettes free of cost to smokers if the results of the trials turn out to be positive. His argument was that this would be a lot more cost effective for insurance companies than having to treat cancer and heart problems caused due to smoking.

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