E Cigarettes Starter Kits Announces Release of Free Regal ECig Trial


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Jesse Wardle, CMO of ECigarette Starter Kits is offering smokers a free field trial of its electronic cigarettes. Wardle invites individuals to visit the company’s website, peruse the available information, and try the firm’s Regal Ecigarette starter kit risk free. The free offer can be requested on the home site .

“Due to legislation making it illegal in many places to smoke in public areas, the electronic cigarette starter kit provides a risk free way to enjoy a smoke wherever users please,” said Sampson. “This new development allows for the experience of smoking without the health issues or legalities that surround conventional cigarettes.”

Special attention has been given to every detail of the company’s electronic cigarette, allowing users to experience all the taste, feel and sensation of smoking. Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco so there’s no smoke or second hand smoke to annoy others or pollute the air. Neither is there any greasy residue to adhere to clothing, furniture or vehicle interiors.

When smokers inhale, they receive a puff of nicotine and water vapor, with none of the hazardous chemical compounds associated with tobacco usage. It’s a healthier way to smoke that satisfies nicotine cravings and lets users engage in the lifestyle they desire without censure or adverse consequences.

The E Cigarettes Starter Kit offers smokers everything they need to begin smoking the modern way, also known as vaping. The kits include a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, nicotine cartridges and carrying case, along with a USB charger and lifetime warranty. E cigarettes can be used in a wide variety of locations where traditional cigarettes have been banned, from restaurants, hotels and clubs to popular vacation destinations.

Exhaustive reports have been released about smoking and the desire for nicotine. What many of those reports fail to include is that smoking is a social activity that encompasses much more than simply satisfying a craving. It gives smokers something to do with their hands and is something they share when in the company of friends and family. It’s the reason that many smoking cessation aids, such as nicotine patches and gums, fail to produce the desired effect.

The release of the E Cigarettes Starter Kits provides smokers with everything they need to begin vaping. Smokers can come out of the shadows with the kit and continue to smoke at work and in social situations without fear of reprisals and without breaking any laws. They allow smokers to satisfy their cravings and are an integral part of any smoking cessation program for those who want to quit.

For more information or a free trial kit, visit the website at

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