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E Cigarettes Take the Smoke, Smell and Stigma out of an Age Old Ritual


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- E cigarettes have grown wildly in popularity over the last several years. They afford a smoother, smokeless and more attractive experience than traditional tobacco cigarettes. Even with governments around the world pouring billions of dollars into anti-smoking campaigns, forcing labeling requirements and advertising restrictions, bringing anti-smoking legislation into schools, there is something about smoking that remains attractive to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

E Cigarettes produce zero smoke and ash. The E Cigarette distributes nicotine by cartridges that send out water vapor and operate on rechargeable batteries. To produce the effect of lit tobacco cigarettes, the E Cigarette has an LED that lights up every time a smoker inhales vapor.

The vapor spray in E Cigarettes eliminates most toxic chemicals in favor of purer nicotine. E Cigarettes have no tar and no carbon monoxide. E Cigarettes don't make the room or your breath smell. They don't cause sinus problems. Smell does not bind in clothing. E Cigarettes have been available since the early 2000s, becoming more and more popular as awareness about tobacco smoking health risk cause smokers to look for alternatives, especially for those who cannot quit altogether. is offering free starter kits from the E-Cig brand. The starter kit includes the E cigarette shaped "atomizer" or dispenser, which includes the battery, a USB charger and wall charger, seven nicotine cartridges, a carrying case and a display case, and an instruction manual.

John Mackie, owner of and distributor IMX Products, says about the companies motivation to offer the free E cigarette starter kits, "We can go on and on with reasons why smoking E Cig’s is preferable to tobacco cigarettes, such as less chance of throwing your cig out the window and burning down your local forest, but at this time we are encouraging you to try our limited time offer for yourself. We feel our E Cig's will sell themselves."

E Cigarettes Take The Smoke, Smell And Stigma Out Of An Age Old Ritual

E cigarettes allow smokers to enjoy their choice without threat of offending anyone around them, or running afoul of local laws regarding smoking in public. E cigarettes emit no smoke, only water vapor, produce no odor, do not need to be lit, and produce no ash or waste (no butts). They have been the most popular recent choice among those who continue to wish to smoke, but no longer want the smell, stains and stigma of tobacco products.

E Cigarettes are the Eco-friendly option. The waste from one cartridge compares favorably to the waste output from many cigarette butts. Plus manufacturing the E Cigarette requires no paper, no plants such as tobacco or fillers, and needs no matches. Also, E Cigarettes have zero chance of starting a fire.

A part of IMX Products distributes the high quality E-Cig brand of E Cigarettes through it's marketing programs.

John Mackie