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E-Courses from SAT Prep Demonstrate 100% Student Accountability

Tutors Can Determine if Students Are Doing Their Homework, When They are Completing It, and How Scores Are Improving


Boynton Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/16/2016 -- Perhaps the biggest leap from high school to the college level is the increase in personal responsibility. High school teachers give assignments that feature the same concepts that are evaluated on quizzes, and again later on tests and finals. College and university professors rely on students to take responsibility and do the work outside of class so that they are prepared when the test day comes. In their own way, the tutors and coaches at SAT Prep Group are helping to instill that sense of personal accountability in their students. The e-courses offered by the test experts provide the tutors with key insights into the study habits of the students. Tutors are able to assess if students are doing their homework, when they are completing it, and how their scores are being affected.

When the new SAT goes into use next month it will mark the biggest change in the test in 30 years. Changes to the exam include eliminating the penalty for guessing, scratching vocabulary that students will never use again, and the addition of an all-new essay section that is now optional for the first time. In addition, College Board, the creators of the new SAT, are bringing back the old testing scale of 400-1600. The changes will surely trip up unprepared students, which is why the tutors and coaches of SAT Prep Group are hard at work with their students to ensure they are fully ready for the important test.

"100% accountability has always been the goal with these new e-courses, and we can genuinely say that two months into it, the courses are fulfilling the expectations we had at the onset," explained company owner and founder Steve Kirshenbaum. "Much like a teacher in the classroom we want to use the e-courses to confirm that students are absorbing the information, putting in the work, and seeing results."

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SAT Preparation Group began in 2001 by Steve Kirshenbaum as a response to the poor state of the conventional test prep industry. Since its inception, their coaches have helped 1,400+ students find their true potential, increasing scores by an average of 336. Their holistic test prep is a fusion of life habits and academic skills scientifically proven to improve brain function, alertness, and retention.

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