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E-Filliate Founder Wes Sumida Builds Successful 120 Million Dollar Business in Rancho Cordova


Rancho Cordova, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2013 -- Entrepreneurs like Wes Sumida, Rancho Cordova business man and founder of E-filliate and Cyberguys, understand that a successful business venture can start just about anywhere and lead everywhere when backed with a dynamic vision.

Sumida can look back on a trail of victories and failures that led up to his successful business that currently markets several well-known brands like Cyberguys, Tech & Go, Power Strip Liberator, GoGo Tech, Ziotek and more. Sumida began his tech career with a one-hour photo business he later sold. What followed were a string of failed business ventures. Sumida persevered, however, to build a 120 million dollar business with E-filliate. E-filliate was incorporated in 2001, but it began as an extension of the Cyberguys catalog, which began in 1987, which in turn began as a computer store named MetroStar, which began around 1983. Over the years, Sumida has grown his company into both a trusted reseller of wholesale distribution and a viable employer for around 80 employees.

“These days, Walgreens sells more than 400,000 products a week developed by Sumida’s E-filliate wholesale business, making the company Walgreens’ second-largest vendor after titan Procter and Gamble,” stated a recent article written in the Sacramento Bee by Cathie Anderson. In the same article, Sumida credits his ongoing success with being able to change course, upgrade product to current trends and technology and change his storefront or business plan to meet customer demand.

According to the E-filliate website, E-filliate is a “source for computer peripherals, cables, networking gear, desk accessories, hard-to-find PC parts and much more.” Distributing over 5,000 items, it provides “order fulfillment for a broad array of resellers who need reliable order processing and dependable customer service.” Its wide-ranging customer base includes online businesses, computer installation & repair companies, government agencies, schools, family-run computer stores, catalog marketers, and more. The company also provides product support for every item that passes through its distribution center.

About E-filliate
E-filliate is a value-added resell/wholesale distributor in hard-to-find, innovative, and low-cost mobile tech accessories. E-filliate leverages its deep experience in technology merchandising to create high-demand product opportunities with attractive margins. Cyberguys is a wholly owned subsidiary of E-filliate and has active Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and FourSquare pages. For more information, visit www.efilliate.com.