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E Instruments Announces Availability of E8500 Portable Emissions Analyzer for Cogeneration Plants


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2013 -- E Instruments, an international manufacturer of instrumentation solutions, is pleased to announce a new selection of portable emissions analyzers for use in cogeneration plants. Emissions analyzers are used to monitor and measure parameters including oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and various sulfur elements to get an accurate gauge of the energy efficiency data.

Cogeneration produces electricity and provide heat and water for industrial sites, saw mills, hospitals, and even college campuses, through the use of boilers and other generators. An emission analyzer offered by E Instruments that can be used for cogeneration purposes is the E8500 Portable Analyzer. This high efficiency piece of equipment includes up to nine gas sensors and an auto-range for carbon monoxide dilution. It is equipped with a Bluetooth module that is compatible for a PC and a rechargeable battery pack with internal memory.

Included with the E8500 analyzer is a built-in thermoelectric chiller that will remove any water vapor from a gas sample and will automatically pump the accumulated water through the bottom of the system. Measuring inside cogeneration plants, this easy to use analyzer will accurately record gas sensors, flue gas temperatures, draft and velocity. This piece of equipment comes with a complete factory calibration and non-dispersive infrared sensors.

For those customers in the residential and commercial markets in need of a portable combustion gas analyzer, E Instruments is offering a promotion for a free annual calibration. These combustion analyzers come with wireless Bluetooth and PC software with USB cables included. They measure carbon monoxide leaks as well as display combustion efficiency and there is a printer built in to these products to provide for easy calculation readings. This offer is only valid during the 2013 heating season.

For more information on how to utilize this equipment to optimize the performance of a cogeneration plant, or how to register for the analyzer promotion, please call 215-720-1136 or visit their website today.

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