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E Instruments Announces Hand-Held VOC Plus Emissions Analyzer Is Available for Purchase


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2018 -- E Instruments is pleased to announce that their hand-held VOC Plus Emissions Analyzer is available for purchase. For more than a decade, the industrial, HVAC, commercial, and institutional markets have trusted E Instruments to offer the most portable and innovative emissions monitoring equipment around the globe. Always designing products and technical solutions for their customers, the experts at E Instruments work alongside in-house manufacturers, technicians, and other specialists. When their emissions analyzers enter the market, they closely heed the feedback of their customers, as they meet the needs of the industry.

The ideal instrument for any industry auditor or technician of boilers, engines, burners, and other combustion processes, the hand-held VOC Plus Emissions Analyzer automatically logs measured data in real-time, allowing for a constant flow of data. One of the company's most accurate emissions analyzers, the VOC Plus measures total volatile organic compounds in a stack or flue up to 0-200 ppm.

Like all of the latest products from E Instruments, the hand-held VOC Plus Emissions Analyzer boasts the utmost mobility and compatibility with Windows devices. Ready for real-time measurements and data recording, the device also includes a sample probe that may be upgraded at a customer's discretion—increasing its length and for high temperature applications when needed.

Customers rely on E Instruments for its continued dedication to its craft, its support, and product offerings. The Langhorne, Pennsylvania-based company confers with professionals and industry auditors & technicians regularly, researching and conceiving new products and services. Companies that wish to acquire their latest VOC Plus Emissions Analyzer may call E Instruments at 215-720-1136.

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