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E Instruments Announces Introductory Video on Their Handheld AQ VOC Monitor for IAQ Analysis Is Available


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2017 -- E Instruments, a U.S-based manufacturer of instrumentation solutions, is pleased to announce that an introductory video, which is about their handheld AQ VOC monitor for IAQ analysis, is available for viewing on their YouTube channel. For over 15 years, E Instruments has been manufacturing and distributing air quality monitors, combustion analyzers, gas leak detectors, and many other products to customers all over the globe. In addition to issuing videos about their products, the company also publishes brochures and application notes that can be downloaded directly from E Instruments' website.

The video, which viewers can see in its entirety by clicking this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_6EpE2R8Ak , highlights the many benefits and features of the AQ VOC. Shortly after the video begins, viewers will learn how this innovative and unique device is perfect for the accurate detection of a multitude of harmful gases and compounds that can be hazardous to the occupants of a building at certain concentrations. They will also learn how this portable and versatile instrument is designed to meet the monitoring requirements of air quality analysists, building developers, architects, industrial hygienists, environmental safety companies, building and home inspectors, and much more.

As the video continues, viewers will gain insights into how it's a customizable device, how they can add to more gas sensors of their choosing, and get an overview on how to operate it. Last, but not least, they will also see first-hand how its LCD screen makes the information it presents easy to read both indoors and outdoors. For more information about the device, please also visit the company's website.

Aside from the video on their AQ VOC monitor, the company has an introductory video for their E6000 six gas combustion flue gas and emissions analyzer, training video on how to use their Model 7899 Gas Sniffer, and over four dozen other videos on their YouTube channel that shows their team members using many of their other instrumentation solutions.

To learn more about the company and their products, please visit their website today.

About E Instruments:
E Instruments International manufactures and markets a complete range of innovative instrumentation solutions encompassing Combustion Gas Analyzers, Indoor Air Quality, Calibrators and Test & Measurement equipment's especially designed for the power, process, industrial, institutional, food, and HVAC markets. E Instruments Calibration Laboratories provide high quality calibration services in a prompt and timely fashion. E Instruments services include Gas Calibrations using EPA protocol gases and NIST Traceable Calibration services in our ISO17025 accredited laboratory. Customer Support and Applications expertise are fundamental to E Instruments' success.

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