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E Instruments Announces New Economical Combustion Gas Analyzer


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2013 -- E Instruments, the international manufacturer of innovative instrumentation solutions to monitor various chemical and gas processes, is pleased to announce the availability of a new combustion gas analyzer, the BTU 900. This type of analyzer comes complete with a wireless Bluetooth communication system and has the ability to print directly to any existing IR printer and will exceed any needs of HVAC service professionals. Equipped with internal memory and PC software, the BTU 900 can easily store all data and allows any professional to email that data straight to the customer from the handheld device.

This combustion analyzer is effective in a variety of ways, including high efficiency for all combustion systems. It serves as the perfect tool to analyze any oil, gas, bio-fuel, or wood applications. This product analyzes the rates of oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and excess air with its one button operation and operating guide, serving as the most innovative analyzer for boiler and burner set-ups. The electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor has a built-in NOx filter that can read up to 8,000 parts per million. The BTU 900 is an easy-to-use handheld device that includes a 10-foot dual hose and its gas sensors can easily be replaced in the field to provide a more convenient service.

In addition to the new combustion analyzer, E Instruments carries a variety of hand-held emissions analyzers to monitor and measure different processes including boilers and burners, furnaces, or gas and diesel engines. These instruments will provide accurate readings of pressures, temperatures, excess air and carbon dioxide measurements. The portable emission analyzers also come equipped with Bluetooth communication and rechargeable battery packs perfect for use in the field.

E Instruments has all the latest technologies in their inventory that provide their clients with easy-to-use analyzers that can be used to monitor different levels of gas, pressure and air quality, and provide the tools for quick documentation to keep records of their findings. For more information on the array of combustion and emission analyzers, please call 215-720-1136 or visit their website today.

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