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E Instruments Announces New, High Efficiency Combustion Analyzers Are Available


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2015 -- E Instruments, a leading international supplier of combustion and emissions analyzers, is pleased to announce that they have a few new and high-efficiency combustion analyzers available. In fact, two of the newest models that they have available are their BTU1500 and their BTU4500 models. Both of these models come with a built-in printer, have Bluetoothâ„¢ capabilities, and can read O2, CO2, and CO. However, the difference between these two models is that the BTU 4500 has a CO dilution pump, can read NO, and can be upgraded to read NO2 or SO2.

Another combustion analyzer that they are offering is their BTU900 model that can read O2, CO2, and CO2. What's more, they are also offering their Model 7899 Combustible Gas Leak Detector that provides readings in ppm, %vol, and %LEL. In the end, those who purchase any one of E Instruments' BTU analyzers will find that they offer the greatest combustion efficiency, have field replaceable sensors, come with memory and PC software, and also have built-in pressure Manometers.

In addition to offering these new emissions analyzers, E Instruments would also like to remind prospective customers that they have a new sample conditioning unit available for the E4500 Portable Gas Analyzer. This device will prove ideal for low NOx, low SOx, and high moisture applications. What's more, this device is extremely effective in that it rapidly dries and cools flue gas, collects liquid condensate, and condenses H2O vapor.

E Instruments takes pride in the fact that they work hard to continuously offer new and improved products to their clientele. To learn more about the benefits of using their new sample conditioning unit, or any of their combustion and emissions analyzers, please reach out to the company by calling 215-720-1136, or visit their website, http://www.e-inst.com/.

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