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E Instruments E9000 Emissions Analyzer Now Includes Heated Probe Head and Sample Line


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2018 -- As one of the leading manufacturers of emission analyzers in the U.S. and Europe, E Instruments is pleased to announce that it now provides the E9000 Emissions Analyzer which includes a heated probe head and sample line. This Bluetooth-integrated system is the most complete, portable tool for EPA-compliance level emissions monitoring. It can be used for equipment such as boilers, engines, kilns, furnaces, and countless other types of combustion equipment.

With pre-calibrated gas sensors and the ability to sense up to nine total gases, this system also comes with a built-in thermoelectric chiller and automatic condensate removal, making it ideal for measuring emissions from various industrial combustion applications.

The E9000 is one the most highly-advanced emission analyzer systems currently available from E Instruments. The optional heated probe head and flexible sample line maintain the sample gas at a temperature higher than the dew point in order to prevent condensation from occurring prior to the stack gas reaching the thermoelectric chiller. Through this sample conditioning process, the integrity of gas composition, especially soluble gases such as nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide, are able to be better maintained.

Those who are searching for professional-grade devices that can perform emissions monitoring testing and much more are being encouraged to purchase the E9000 from E Instruments. With an incredibly simple interface and customizable features to better meet any emission monitoring requirements, this combustion equipment analyzer complies with USEPA CTM-030 & CTM-034 test methods.

To request a quote on the E9000 Transportable Emissions Analyzer or learn more about the products available from this company, visit E Instruments online at https://www.e-inst.com/ or call 215-720-1136.

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