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E Instruments International Now Offering HVAC Series of Combustion Analyzers


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- E Instruments International, manufacturer of a complete range of instrumentation solutions, is pleased to announce they are now offering combustion analyzers ,which are properly equipped to measure the combustion efficiency of HVAC condensing systems including boilers, furnaces and water heaters. Professionals who are experiencing issues with measuring how well fuel is being converted into energy such as steam, heat or hot water, can use the combustion analyzers manufactured by E Instruments International as a solution.

Combustion efficiency calculations are based on three factors. The first factor being the chemistry of the fuel burned such as propane, oil, natural gas, and others. The second factor being the CO2 volume percentage, after finishing the combustion process. The third factor being the NET temperature difference between the primary air being used and the stack gas.

Each condensing system, whether it is a furnace, boiler, or tank less water heater, use a different method of measuring combustion efficiency because outdoor air is used for condensing systems. Combustion analyzers with a smart air temperature probe measure combustion efficiency more accurately.

By drilling a hole in the incoming air vent pipe, high energy condensing systems can be tested properly. The Smart Incoming Air Temperature Probe must be inserted in the combustion air intake, in order to obtain an accurate combustion efficiency reading. While that is happening, the standard 12 inch probe is inserted into the Flue Exhaust Stack to measure and calculate the True NET Stack Temperature of the condensing system.

More information on how to accurately measure combustion efficiency of a condensing system can be found on the E Instruments International website. To speak with a company representative about any of the products found on the website, please call 215-720-1136.

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