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E Instruments International Now Offering Hydrogen Sulfide Monitoring Solution


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- E Instruments International, a leading manufacturer of instrumentation solutions, is pleased to announce they are now offering hydrogen sulfide monitoring solution. The company’s AQ Expert Indoor Air Quality Monitor can display and log the measurement of toxic hydrogen sulfide released from tainted drywall inside homes and other confined environments. Utilizing an accurate electrochemical sensor, the AQ Expert portable IAQ, monitor measures extremely low levels of H2S in occupied breathing environments.

One of the issues concerning hydrogen sulfide is that the harmful chemical has been found in foreign-made drywall, in the United States. From 2001-2007, an estimated 550 million pounds of foreign drywall tainted with hydrogen sulfide has been imported and used in American households. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission received 3,952 reports from residents in 42 states regarding exposure to affected drywall in 2001 alone. Over 300,000 homes have used tainted drywall. Homes that have been built and rebuilt from 2002-2007, using foreign drywall, are at the highest risk of toxic hydrogen sulfate gas. The levels of hydrogen sulfate found in these houses have over 100x greater levels than panels of drywall made domestically in the United States. During humid days, the indoor levels of hydrogen sulfate gas in homes using contaminated drywall will rise to a dangerous level of concentration.

The effects of high levels of hydrogen sulfate in drywall can be hazardous to an individual’s heath. Low levels of hydrogen sulfate can give off a rotten egg smell, which can radiate throughout the household. High levels of hydrogen sulfate can corrode copper HVAC components including electronic devices, appliances, TVs and more. Individuals who are exposed to low levels of hydrogen sulfate may begin to notice such health ailments as asthma, coughing, sore throat, difficulty breathing and nausea.

Individuals interested in learning about the harmful effects of hydrogen sulfate and how to monitor it can visit the E Instruments International website or call 215-720-1136.

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