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E Instruments Now Offering the Latest in Emissions Analyzers


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2014 -- Emissions analysis is important for home and business owners trying to meet state and federal emissions standards, or just trying to cut back on emissions in general. These standards help property owners make the best possible use of resources, saving money and reducing environmental harm. E Instruments now offers pro equipment for combustion and emissions analysis to ensure their customers’ energy efficiency.

An area’s air quality is taken into consideration when determining emissions standards. Therefore, requirements will vary by location. Federal and local environmental protection departments will conduct review processes on industrial facilities, so be prepared with an emissions analyzer.

For those seeking a handheld device, E Instruments’ new E4400 Portable Industrial Gas Analyzer does everything a larger system would. Check for oxygen levels, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, or hydrocarbons. In addition to emissions monitoring, perform maintenance on a wide range of combustion systems including boilers, burners, furnaces, and more.

In addition to efficiency, keeping tabs on emissions can keep homes and businesses safe. Carbon monoxide is an invisible gas that cannot be detected without instruments, and it can be produced from many sources in the home. Excess amounts of carbon monoxide can be deadly to humans and animals. Having the proper testing equipment is very helpful in detecting carbon monoxide and avoiding injury. E Instruments now offers several products that can help consumers keep themselves safe from carbon monoxide in their homes. The E4400, for instance, can detect carbon monoxide at up to 50,000 parts per million.

To look into purchasing an emission analyzer or other devices from E Instruments, visit them online or call 215-720-1136.

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