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E Instruments Sheds Light on Importance of Using a Portable Emissions Analyzer for Mining Applications


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2017 -- E Instruments is pleased to announce the release of one of their newest Applications Notes titled, "Portable Emissions Analyzers for Mining Applications." The company knows that the machinery used in extracting and refining geological materials from the earth such as boilers, smelters, and industrial engines, can emit toxic gases that can harm both mining personnel and the environment. Therefore, this note specifically sheds light on the importance of using a portable emissions analyzer for mining applications, and how it can help to prevent dangerous working conditions.

First and foremost, readers will learn how high levels of CO, NOx, CxHy hydrocarbons, and other gases cause serious harm. As readers move through the piece, they will discover why emissions regulations are becoming stricter, and how a portable emissions analyzer can offer accurate measurements of critical emissions parameters, and thus easily allow organizations to report what they find to regulatory agencies.

Toward the end of the Application Note, readers will gain a better understanding of how an emissions analyzer can offer insight into how efficiently a boiler or engine is running, and how this can information can be used to save organizations both money and time. Last, but not least, readers are presented with one of E Instruments' instrumentation solutions, the E8500 complete portable emissions analyzer.

The E8500 can measure up to nine gases which include, but are not limited to, CO, O2, NOx, H2S and SO2. This device also boasts real-time data-logging software, built-in thermoelectric chiller, and customers can even opt for high-temperature gas sampling probes with sintered filters to measure flue gases with high temperatures. To learn more about the E8500 or to view the Application Note in its entirety, please click the following link: http://www.e-inst.com/mining-emissions/.

To learn more about the emissions monitoring equipment the company has available, please also browse their website or give them a call at 215-720-1136.

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