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E-Nursing Schools Offers Career Guidance for Trainees and New Graduates


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2012 -- For those training to become medical professionals, the demands training can place on their time are intense. Study and practice combine with long hours on the job, making it difficult for trainees to step back from their immediate circumstances and start looking into the longer term.

E-NursingSchools has been developed to give much needed career guidance and advice on all matters in and around the nursing profession. The site’s aim is to make it easy to go from interested applicant to successful student to thriving in a nursing career, with material and support provided at every step of the journey.

The site has long form articles on a range of pertinent topics, from advice on the costs of nursing school and how to fund a place, advice and tips on how to successfully apply to nursing school and the latest developments in online nursing programs.

The editorial advice from E-NursingSchools supports more direct resources such as full and exhaustive descriptions of the different choices available, broken down into an FAQ format that takes potential trainees and future graduates through the detail to give them a fuller picture of what they’re getting into, and where they can go after their training.

E-Nursing Schools is also keen to provide statistical data, with information on average salaries for the different roles that can be fulfilled by a trainee holding an education in nursing.

Another feature of the website is the Nursing Schools Glossary, which aims to break down and explain the often densely-packed jargon that those already in the field will be familiar with. The definitions are given in plain English and are designed to be clear, concise and easy to read.

Once you’re familiarized with the opportunities a nursing career can provide you with, the site makes it easy to find programs to suit your skills, background or aspirations. The site explains the roles and responsibilities of positions in Health Information Technology and Healthcare Administration, as well as more practical hands-on roles like Surgical Technologist and Certified Nursing Assistant.

The site offers a user-friendly function in the side-bar to enter your zip-code and find local availabilities in the position of your choice, allowing you to look for the job your passionate about, or see what gaps there are in the local healthcare landscape that you could fill.

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