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Eadepardazan Company Introduces New Smart Home Branch to Service Homes and Offices

Eadepardazan Company is moving into new areas of surveillance and smart home features


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/16/2016 -- Eadepardazan Company, one of the largest manufacturers of software and service provider of smart homes and surveillance cameras in Iran is proud to announce their new branch of smart homes. Eadepardazan Company, a fast growing startup and total solution provider, focused on software and hardware development has announced that by using modern principles and with their long years and experience in software engineering, smart homes is a possibility for their customers. The company have serviced famous Banks,factories,universities,automotive industry.We have launched a new branch about smart home, home, office and factory automation and surveillance.

Eadepardazan Company is expressing their ambition for further growth by entering this new field by exploring the opportunities and innovations that smart home technologies is bringing to people. The company will be engaging the smart shop shoppers with its new range of products.

With many people worldwide who has smartphones, tablets and computers the market for smart homes is huge. The need for smart homes engineering is on the rise as people becomes more aware that they do not need to go out and buy a new home when they want a smart home. All they need to do is to install the smart home technology that will enable them control their home systems remotely. These systems can be changing the Tv channels without a remote, turning on and off the lights, checking the temperature of a particular room, checking that the doors are locked and many others. These can conveniently be done using a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

"We take a long-term view in our ability to take smart home engineering and surveillance into the world markets and meet the needs of people who want smart home products. With the convenience, comfortability and savings in money that smart homes can give anyone, it will be easy to generate brand awareness and consistent market supply to our target customer base - a loyal middle class. We believe Eadepardazan Company can create significant benefits for current and future users of smart home in Iran and around the world," said Mr Khoshbin, CEO of the company.

The main aim of this company is to make smart home accessible and affordable to the middle class, as smart home is easy to manage and also fun to have.

About Eadepardazan Company
Eadepardazan Company (http://www.eadepardazan.com) is a fast growing start up and total solution provider, based in the Tehran, Iran, with a division dedicated to install and engineering smart home technologies and innovations. The company holds special expertise in PBX and call center, software engineering, web hosting, web design, education, design and production of electronic board, design, implementation and support of network. Their office is at Tehran Province, Tehran, Ashrafi Expressway, No. 59,, Esfahani

If you would like more information on the topic, or to schedule an interview with Mr Khoshbin, please call 021-4449-8346 or e-mail info@eadepardazan.com.


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