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Eagle Point Advanced Dental Announces SmileGift 2013 Social Outreach Program

Eagle Point Advanced Dental is looking for program entrants with terrible smiles who deserve a new start in life. The 2013 recipient will receive all of the dental care needed to receive a top-quality, functional set of Facelift Dentures.


Medford, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- "Our patients from Oregon, southern Washington and upper California love the life-changing dentistry that we do. And, we thank God that we have the skills and technology to make such a huge difference in our patients' lives," commented Dr. Keith Ogawa. "However, we know that there are many people who are in dire need of our smile transformations, but who cannot afford to see a dentist for the most basic dental care. And, while we cannot feasibly provide a free dental makeover for every deserving individual... we can help one."

He continued, "That is why Eagle Point Dental created the "SmileGift" program in 2011. This annual program rewards one deserving person with a brand new smile. We will take someone's 'train-wreck' smile and make it attractive and functional once again. Eagle Point Dental will cover all of the costs associated with the makeover."

Entrants from the Oregon, southern Washington and upper California area will be asked to write about why they need Facelift Dentures and what current or upcoming events are making the spring/summer of 2013 a turning point in their lives and futures.

Did they go back to school and now need a smile for the job market?

Are they starting a new business that requires them to interact with the public?

Entrants are asked to write a 500-words or less story about their train-wreck smile and their current or upcoming life changes that would be made perfect with a new smile.

As an example, here is the essay of 2012's winner, Shane Wilson.

"I literally think about my teeth every minute of the day and night. I have been disabled since breaking my back in two places as a police officer during an arrest that ended in a physical altercation. Since that night, I have had 14 spine/back surgeries in the past 5 years. This ending my career. I was also diagnosed with severe Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis. Even though this was a big blow, and have been having surgeries, sometimes 2-3 year due to hardware in my back breaking; my teeth are still the biggest issue. I walk with a limp and have a 10 inch scar on my back, but it's covered, my teeth are not. They are exposed to everyone. My teeth are so terrible they are falling out of my head. The pain from my back gets so severe sometimes I have woke up clenching so hard my tooth has broke in half. I only have teeth in the front now, and 1 broken in half in the back. The rest are gone. The front are chipped and have all separated from my gum line and cracking there. I'm young with a beautiful wife and my kids, yet embarrassed to open my mouth. I've lost 35 pounds (that I shouldn't have), because I can't eat much anymore and don't have the money for new teeth without selling off all my personal items. Most dentists have always ridiculed me about my teeth saying I must be doing this or that wrong. I brush 5 times a day. I don't drink soda with sugar, don't drink fruit juices, but my teeth seem to be separating from my gums (nearly all of them), and many have been removed, New teeth would give me that confidence that I lack. Just to go to dinner with my wife and be able to eat and to smile again with my wife and 4 kids, would be like winning the lottery! I will never be a "Victim" with my back surgeries or what happened. I proudly accepted that risk and was doing my job, serving the public. But it would be so great if I didn't have to focus on both my teeth and back! I can see lines and some sagging and I'm only in my mid-thirties. You would be restoring a whole new life to me! Giving me the confidence I once had. I will proudly walk with a limp due to my back, but I would love to smile while doing it!"

Entries close on December 31st at 11:59 pm.

Finalists will be reviewed and voted upon by the dental practice to determine who should receive the SmileGift 2013 Facelift Dentures. The winner's dental treatment will be completed in spring, 2013. Essays will be reviewed and Eagle Point Advanced Dental will verify the facts in the essay and photos of the preliminary finalist will be required. Eagle Point Advanced Dental will also verify that the entrants are, in fact, candidates for dentures as a next logical step in their dental care.

To facilitate and complete treatment, Eagle Point Advanced Dental will complete a new patient exam including x-rays and regular periodontal therapy. To prepare the winner for their new Facelift Dentures, teeth will be extracted (if necessary), neuromuscular occlusion readings will be taken for optimal occlusion and impressions of their gums will be formed. A pre-denture model will be crafted to insure optimal fit and comfort. Finally, the finished Facelift Dentures will be placed in the patient's mouth for the ultimate in smile rehabilitation.

The winner will appear in one of Eagle Point Advanced Dental's television commercials scheduled for fall, 2013.