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Early Detection of Glaucoma: One of the Key Treatment Components

Dr. Seth Bachelier of MidWest Eye Associates Utilizes Advanced Technology for the early detection of Glaucoma and Other Eye Diseases


St. Charles, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- Researchers have discovered that a great amount of retinal cells are lost prior to a patient developing a variety of eye disorders and they sought ways to measure this loss of cells. Being able to accurately measure the loss of cells has enabled eye care professionals to detect disease, and therefore treat disease, much earlier and with much better outcomes.

The GDx Nerve Fiber Layer Analyzer (GDx Nerve Fiber Layer Analyzer) is a new technology developed specifically to accurately measure the health (thickness) of this retinal nerve fiber layer. The device uses laser light to measure the thickness of retinal nerve fiber layer. When these measurements are compared against what we know to be the thickness of the normal retinal nerve fiber, the information can indicate the presence of diseases such as glaucoma.

“The assessment is completely objective, does not require dilation and takes about 10 minutes to complete,” reported Dr. Seth Bachelier of Midwest Eye Associates in St. Louis. “Older glaucoma tests usually measure the pressure inside of the eye. This technology allows us to detect the possible presence of the disease before obvious symptoms such as changes in the visual field arise.”

The GDx test is powerful in early detection of glaucoma and other visual field diseases. Studies show that more than 50% of individuals with glaucoma aren't aware they have it. The test is also very useful to optometrists who are managing a patient’s glaucoma because it can detect very small changes when compared with previous test data letting the doctor know how the disease is progressing.

“Glaucoma is known as the ‘sneaky thief of sight’ because by the time a patient notices changes in their vision, significant, irreparable damage may have already occurred,” stated Dr. Bachelier.

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