Early On, Sergio Rangel Already Distinguished Between Truth and Lies in Music

Singer-songwriter Sergio Rangel has emerged on the fast track to indie fame and is preparing to release his debut EP, On the Line of a Truth and a Lie, as well as having his track “Love Loss” appear on WiFi PR Group’s upcoming compilation, Indie Anthems Vol. 6.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- The image of a singer-songwriter is that of a dimly lit coffee shop hosting an artist who pours his or her heart out into soulful tunes they croon one after the next. Solo vocalist and guitarist Sergio Rangel, hailing from Mobile, Ala., embodies just that and is making waves in the local singer-songwriter scene. He’s been performing his own blend of pop and rock live only a short while, but already he is beginning to gain recognition from fans and venues outside of his city as he builds a foundation for his promising career in music. Sergio is now set to digitally release his debut EP, On the Line of a Truth and a Lie, this month, and his track, “Love Loss,” will be featured on WiFi PR Group’s upcoming compilation, Indie Anthems Vol. 6.

Sergio names several different musical influences that help him craft his standout sound, including Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Drawing from these varied inspirations, Sergio creates a sound that is often deemed to have a coffee shop feel to it, similar to that of Nora Jones. But many people also compare his lyrics, vocals and guitar-playing to some of the very artists he channels, such as Dave Matthews, John Mayer and Jason Mraz.

What’s interesting about Sergio’s rise to local fame is that originally, he never intended to be a songwriter or musician. But he says that when he tried the two out, they just made sense for him, and he’s refined his talents and pursued his career ever since. His music is inspired by the experiences of not just himself but of those he knows and others around him. This is in part because he actually finds it difficult to write personally about himself, and the combination ends up providing a number of captivating stories and emotions he conjures with his music. Even without knowing how he was going to make all this work, he dove in headfirst anyway, and he deems his greatest accomplishment to be getting this far in a short period of time.

In the near future, Sergio plans to continue to perform live at his regular venues and those who invite him to play, and he’s also releasing his debut EP, On the Line of a Truth and a Lie, which will allow him to attract still more fans and venues’ attentions. He will also begin recording his full-length album and planning a small tour—all of which he hopes to use to change music in his own way.

Also in Sergio’s future, his track “Love Loss” will be featured on WiFi PR Group’s upcoming compilation, Indie Anthems Vol. 6, a collection of international independent talent spanning a wide range of genres that WiFi wants to put on the radars of music lovers and industry tastemakers the world over. Set to be released at Toronto’s NXNE this month, the digital mixtape will be handed out on 3,500 download cards to festival attendees, and 1,500 more copies will be made available on the Indie Anthems Bandcamp page.

Sergio’s music is available online. Some of his songs can be found on his website, and others can be heard via videos on his YouTube page, such as videos for “Tell Me Why” and a cover of “Rocket Man,” as done by Elton John and Jason Mraz.

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