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Early Reader Series Launched in Compilation - Discount Price Until 15th June


Perak, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2014 -- The beautifully illustrated series “The Stories of Addy and Anna” for children ages 3 – 5 years old has been compiled in one paperback issue and is available now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and selected outlets (soon to include Apple’s iBook store).

Already popular on amazon, the series has garnered 5 star reviews from happy parents. They found that their young children were able to read all the words themselves in the collection of 5 stories. The stories help young children to learn about things like brushing their teeth and getting dressed by themselves. Reading this book with your child is a great way to bond with them and explore the world, while learning at the same time.

On the 9th May “The Stories of Addy and Anna” made it to best seller rank #450 in Amazon’s free book store for Kindle books. The paperback edition costs approx.. $16.95 and the Kindle version is on sale at only $2.99 until the 15th June.

Kindle books are becoming very popular among younger children, as the colours are so vivid, the stories can all be held on one device and they learn hand/eye coordination and basic technology skills at the same time. This is a wonderful way to introduce children to new concepts.

“Fun and educational at the same time” is how the book has been described – which also applies to the attractive website for the series, where the free version of the book can be downloaded.

To get the specially discounted collection on Kindle, visit amazon at Stories of Addy and Anna

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