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Madison, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- Big Cash is a site which tells people how to make money from online marketing with little efforts and get paid by Google for doing so. The site starts with a letter to every new entrepreneur who wants to make it big but does not know where to start. Big Cash helps with these queries and more information about creating domains set up with code IDs which allow Google to pay a percent commission to the person for each ad clicked on the site.

Google and Clickbank have set up an amazing affiliate program that allows people to work for Google with the Google AdSense service for which the company pays cash to the members. With the passage of time, tougher competition among corporations and businesses, small scale set up and micro companies find it increasingly difficult to stay abreast with the competition as they lack both the manpower as well as the financial resources to compete in a fair battle. However, internet marketing has made this battle very interesting as the virtual platform can be gauged by anyone, whether a small or big business to make the same profits using simple and effective strategies and tools that are no secret or very difficult to understand.

Internet Marketer Jean has 7 years of experience of working and earning a living while staying at home. Her internet business has been the biggest change for her lifestyle as she managed to earn thousands of dollars by simply following a few easy steps to make cash through her sites. The affiliate program of Big Cash Info needs no prior experience and any person who does not have technical experience or a background in computer science or IT need not worry. The program is easy to understand. Big Cash provides people with different packages to buy domains, either for 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 25 domains. The more domains a person buys, the more chances he or she has of someone clicking on the ads through their sites. For every click on each site a person get, they are paid a commission which is a certain percentage of the total ad value. The monthly commission amount can range anywhere from 2000 US Dollars to 25000 US Dollars in a month. The commission depends on the number of clicks on ads. Google will delete domain accounts if a person clicks their own ads repetitively.

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