Top Edge Services LLC Launches New Website:

Top Edge Services LLC announces the launch of their new site


Herriman, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- As more and more people turn to the internet to earn money to subsidize their current income, Top Edge Services LLC launched a site to help them do that.  "I started because I have been earning my living online for over 10 years now and I wanted to be able to help people do just that," said CEO Stan Thompson.  Currently only shows one way to earn money but Mr. Thompson hopes to add other methods in the future.  The site uses another third party company called ILivingApp (not associated with Top Edge Services).   Mr. Thompson went on to say, "Most of my 10+ years online I have used my own sites to earn a comfortable income, but when a family member shared ILivingApp with me I was very excited.  Let me say that my main area of expertise is in marketing online.   So I had ways to advertise and I was mostly using them for my own sites.  I had always kept an eye out for another company that I could use in the network marketing industry and I have tried several that didn't work out very well.  But ILivingApp had everything I was looking for.  These are the things I look for in a company: first, it must be affordable for everyone.  People can't afford $100 a month, but ILivingApp is less than $10 a  month, so almost anyone can afford it.  Second, it must have a great product.  ILivingApp's product is access to unique videos that they have created.  These videos are awesome and motivational.  They add new videos all the time.  Third they need to have an awesome pay plan, and I have to say ILivingApp has one of the best I have seen.  This company is very generous."  Top Edge Services created the new website to help support everyone who joins ILivingApp under them.  Each time is loaded into a browser it randomly picks one of the team member of Top Edge Services to place the visitor under, should the visitor choose to join. also includes a members area where team members can chat, ask questions and share ideas.  The site also has a growing list of hundreds of places that people can use to advertise their personal referral link for free.  The concept behind is based on the fact that each person/company that joins ILivingApp can only have 3 people directly under them in ILivingApp's matrix system.  So as people refer more than three, the fourth would be placed under the first of the three who joined until they have three and so forth.  Which in concept means that if a person were to simply join under someone who was very active then they would get people under them without having to do much.  ILivingApp has reported that some people have been disappointed and expected their matrix to fill up very quickly, some even expected it within minutes.  This seems to have not been the case.  "People shouldn't expect their downline to be filled by us immediately, as a matter of fact we can't guarantee that we will fill it at all.  However, we ask that people give us a few months and see how much money they can earn," Said Mr. Thompson. He continued, "with our coaching, places to advertise that our on our site and our help, over time people should be able to generate a nice second income.  But as always they will need to take a very small risk, do some work and have patience."

Top Edge Services LLC and its management are not directly associated with ILivingApp.  When it comes to network marketing or multi-level marketing no one can guarantee someone how much money they will earn.  As always it is up to each person's personal efforts.  Top Edge Services officially launched on March 1, 2013.

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