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Earth Light Saunas Launch Comparison Table Detailing the Advantages of Their Home Sauna

Earth Light Saunas has created a comparison chart to demonstrate to users how different their infrared saunas are to the competition, and how their superior technology gives superior results.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- Saunas have been used for hundreds of years, and have long been known to have beneficial effects for muscles and the cardiovascular system. As with most all other things in the world, technology has advanced considerably, but despite this home saunas are typically using defunct, inefficient technology. Earth Light Saunas offer some of the most technologically advanced, economically efficient home saunas in the world, and have created a new infographic to help visitors compare infrared saunas and see the advantages for themselves.

The comparison chart points out key differences from the competition, including a softer, better distributed heat output, an unbeatable 20,000 hour heater lifespan, an in built stereo, unbeatable ease of construction, lifetime warranty and extensive certifications.

The comparison chart has been published in order to help users make the right consumer decisions, and to promote the huge summer sale now on, offering 10% off all saunas together with free shipping with the coupon code 100OFF. With classic, premier and premium, they have products that can meet anyone’s needs and budget.

A spokesperson for Earth Light Saunas explained, “Infrared saunas offer unique benefits in terms of heat distribution and penetration, which is especially beneficial for those who need sauna treatments as part of their physiotherapy. Home saunas are not only beneficial for health but for wellbeing as well, and represent an excellent opportunity for people to indulge in a meditative and cleansing experience. Our infrared saunas are also ultra-low EMF emitters, making them the safest on the market, and their unbeatable suite of features makes them the best value. We have created a summer sale to encourage more people to take action on these facts, and with a 90 day money back guarantee, there’s no reason not to give it a try.”

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Earth Light Saunas are a family owned and operated business. The business believes strongly in maintaining health and wellbeing. They create high quality products with a lifetime warranty that promise to support the body in relaxing and healing. The company has just released a new range of products with a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee. For more information please visit: