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Earth Light Saunas Launches New Infrared Sauna Range That Supports Home Health Regimes

Whether losing weight, managing skin conditions or chronic arthritis, the beneficial effects of Earth Light Saunas’ new range of products can help manage these efforts effectively and economically.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- Saunas have been a feature of societal hygiene for centuries, and have been used by the Greeks and Romans right up to the modern day. Saunas have been demonstrated to have beneficial health effects on a range of conditions, from eczema and psoriasis to arthritis, weight management and even pulled muscles. The heat of the sauna detoxifies the body using its natural processes, accelerates the metabolism, boosts the immune system and stimulates blood flow to encourage and accelerate healing while relaxing muscles. Earth Light Saunas have now made this experience convenient, economical, and easy to enjoy in the home.

Their new range of Earth Light infrared saunas uses infrared technology and Carbon Tech heaters to create a gentler kind of sauna heat that can have all these beneficial effects just from being plugged into a regular power socket, all for just pennies a session. The saunas have variable sizes and features and can fit up to four people comfortably in luxury models.

The saunas come with a lifetime warranty and free shipping, as well as an introductory ten percent off while stocks last. The saunas can be installed and active within just one hour thanks to the patented tongue and groove technology, and will run for an average of 92 years.

A spokesperson for Earth Light Saunas explained, “Though much is said about the positive impacts of infrared saunas on health many people forget the profound influence these products have one people’s emotional balance and psychological wellbeing. The ritual of the sauna has been a form of meditation for societies for thousands of years, whether as a solitary pursuit to find peace or as a social activity through which to bond with loved ones and friends. Our infrared saunas allow people to bring the luxury of the sauna into their home and operate them at just pennies per session.”

About Earth Light Saunas
Earth Light Saunas believes in the maintenance of health and well being through the application of cutting edge technology in calming, non invasive ways. The family owned and operated company specializes in the manufacture and sale of infrared saunas. The business creates high quality products with a lifetime warranty that offer energy efficiency and easy installation. The company has just released a new range of products with a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee. For more information please visit: