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Earthlight Saunas Launches Huge Summer Sale on All Infrared Saunas

Earthlight Saunas has created a 10% off sale on their entire product range to give people another great reason to save even more by switching to environmentally friendly infrared saunas.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- Saunas have been a source of relaxation, health and rehabilitation for centuries, and have traditionally been used by people in cold climates to cleanse themselves and enjoy the experience of deeply penetrating heat. As with everything in life, technology has revolutionized saunas, but not everyone has been quick to catch on to the developments. Now, infrared saunas are considered the best sauna experience on the market, and even been endorsed for their health benefits by celebrity Doctors. Earthlight Saunas offer the most technologically advanced infrared saunas available, and have now launched a sale on all their products to help people make the transition to infrared.

Earthlight infrared saunas use CarbonPure Heaters with a 20,000 hour lifespan and a lifetime warranty, which create a wider, softer kind of heat than either traditional or ceramic infrared saunas. The saunas themselves are made from the highest quality materials, and even come with indoor and outdoor lighting, and a MP3 CD Player installed to create a relaxing atmosphere and environment.

The sale allows anyone entering the 10OFF coupon code to receive 10% off any order, which further reduces their already unbeatable prices to help people make the best buying decision when investing in home saunas, whether for one or up to four people.

A spokesperson for Earthlight Saunas explained, “We have created a comparison table that pits the Earthlight infrared saunas against the traditional hot rocks and water saunas, ceramic infrared saunas, and generic low end infrared saunas so individuals can see the differences for themselves. We compare infrared saunas accurately, and paint a very clear picture of the many ways in which an Earthlight sauna offers an unbeatable experience for an unbeatable price, for an unbeatable length of time. With more features, better lifespan, and the best sauna experience, it’s easy for people to see why they should choose Earthlight. With our limited time discount this really is the best time to benefit from an infrared sauna.”

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Earthlight Saunas is a family business guided by a passion to provide the highest quality saunas to customers, taking into account their needs in a personalized and unique way. With high quality infrared sauna products utilizing the very latest technology, free shipping, unbeatable prices, lifetime warranty and 90 day satisfaction guarantee, they offer the ultimate buying experience for the ultimate sauna. For more information please visit: